6 Tips for Utilizing Video in Product Marketing

According to Tubular Insights, 73% of all consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service. Big Box companies now ask brands to include videos to improve the customer experience by augmenting the product and supporting the brand.

These videos should show the products best features, demonstrate how it works, or maybe show how a product is made, but more than anything its job is to sell consumers on the product. Here are some tips to get the most out of your product marketing videos.

  1. Demonstrate the Product – Demonstration videos are an opportunity for the customer to see the product in action, to learn it’s ins and outs, and to display what sets your product apart from the competition’s. These videos provide more engaging content than just static shots of the product.
  1. Make the Product the Focus – Limit background distractions by shooting with a neutral, seamless background. By minimizing all distractions, the customer will be able to focus on the product, allowing them to clearly understand it’s features and benefits.
  1. Hire a Professional Videographer – If you want your product to look it’s best, the lighting and camera work are critical. A professional videographer has the experience and knowledge to show off your product in the most complimentary way.
  1. Edit Your Video Well- To a consumer, the quality of your production reflects on the quality of your product, just like product packaging. Graphics, music, and shot composition can be utilized to make your video engaging and professional.
  1. Be Clear and Succinct – Most retailers have time restrictions that your video must fit into. While you need to stay in these time restrictions, it is also important to get all of your key points in, without your video feeling rushed. Be concise and only include the key information.
  1. Fine-tune your Script- When talking about your product and its value proposition, emphasize customer benefits, unique features and perceived value. You can sell against the competition and handle common objections. You can even dispel myths, and validate your products usefulness to the customer.

You can also use these video on your company’s website and social media platforms to get consumers excited about your product. Check out these tips in action in the video below!