Boating Photography in Studio A

Boat Photography in White Cyclorama Studio A

Walking into Studio A at StagePost can quite literally take your breath away. Exhibiting a giant 60 x 80 cyc wall towering over you on your right, a news studio setup across the way to your left, and enough space in the middle for a few cars, trucks, and most recently boats. One thing our clients love is the capability to shoot large items in our enormous studio. Robert Glover from Boating Photography was in this week shooting photographs of new Phoenix boats. The purpose of photographing the boats in studio is to get clean, clear photos of the fishing boat in various positions. His step by step process made for an efficient day in the studio.

Step 1: Photograph the boat from a bird’s eye angle with the lid off to see the floorplan.

Step 2: Photograph the boat from a bird’s eye angle with the lid on to display it closed.

Step 3: Photograph detailed close-up photos of special boat features.

Step 4: Photograph a side view of the entire boat to showcase the design.

These photos will go into the Phoenix magazine, as well as on the Phoenix website. Paired with action shots from the lake, the photos will then be put into an advertisement collage for the new fishing boats. The goal is to shoot around 3-4 boats per day and is done smoothly by loading them in and out of our garage door connecting to Studio A. Getting the boats in studio is the last step to the photography package. We’re happy to work with Boating Photography and to provide a large versatile studio that can help showcase great products like the Phoenix fishing boats.