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The Past, Present, and Future of Chatbots and ChatGPT

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a free language processing tool is turning heads. Open AI developed ChatGPT, which stands for Chat-Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It’s a very advanced chatbot that will disrupt how we use search engines, code, write, and more. It was released in November 2022, and currently, usage is free.

Chatbots have been around since the 1960s. Eliza, developed by MIT computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum, was the first. Eliza aimed to imitate a therapist when a person asked a question. The program used natural language understanding, and responses seemed empathetic and human-like. So much so that test subjects believed they were engaging with a person- not a machine.

Now, we’re using chatbots daily: Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, webpage chat windows, and some telemarketing robocalls are, you guessed it, chatbots. Chatbots help streamline customer service for several industries and can act as virtual assistants reminding us to take out the recycling or play “Special” from Lizzo.

Chatbots Are Changing How We Search the Web

I was tasked with writing a blog post featuring ChatGPT, only to discover that Google has a competing chatbot available to a select group of beta testers. It’s called Bard.

ChatGPT has aligned with Microsoft and is integrated into its Bing search engine, and Google still relies on automated web crawlers. While Google is the search engine winner at over 80 percent of the global market, Bing’s new marriage to ChatGPT could be bad news for the browsing giant.

So, my plan for this article was to try ChatGPT and Bard, compare/contrast, and identify the pros and cons. Still, I’m not important enough to be a beta tester for Bard, as I couldn’t even find a waiting list. I was able to test ChatGPT only (my apologies), but you’ll see how Bing and Google deliver drastically different results now that ChatGPT is in the picture.

Testing the new Bing

I had to join a ChatGPT waitlist, get approved (a few minutes), and download the Microsoft Edge web browser to get started. There was also a sign-up process.

introducing the new bing
create an account on bing

That “Ask me anything” prompt brought me back to middle school when I was using Ask Jeeves! Click here for a little Ask Jeeves Wikipedia history lesson if you’re reading this and have no clue what I’m talking about.

ask me anything on bing

What About Google?

In contrast, when you go to Google, it suggests searching or typing a URL.

Google search engine

What can ChatGPT REALLY do?

As the clock ticked and my deadline loomed closer and closer, I took advantage of ChatGPT to do the work for me. Teachers and college professors, beware!

microsoft bing question- write an article about similarities, differences and pros and cons of using chat gpt

Here’s ChatGPT’s answer, which took a matter of seven seconds to deliver:

first half of chatgpt anwser

I refreshed the page to see if ChatGPT would change its response or deliver the same results, and it gave a different answer!

first half of chatgpt anwser
second half of chatgpt anwser

ChatGPT vs Google

Google relies on web crawlers, so asking the same question just pulled a link to an article that included some keywords.

google search for the question: please write an article about the similarities

Granted, I couldn’t test Google Bard, so this was just an example of how different Bing and Google’s search is now that ChatGPT is linked to Bing.

Does Bings Partnership with ChatGPT threaten Google Search Engines

Microsoft bing question- does chatgpt hurt google search engine?
chatgpt answer

Google is OK…for now, but what about me?

Should writers be concerned about ChatGPT?

Question to ChatGPT, as a writer, should i feel threatened by ChatGPT or Google Bard?
second half of script

Ok. Cool. I’m feeling a little better about my job security.

How creative can ChatGPT be?

I wanted to see how creative ChatGPT could be and whether I should be concerned clients would lean on ChatGPT for their scriptwriting needs versus having StagePost/myself draw up a script for, let’s say, a new car.

Microsoft bing- 15 second video commercial script
ChatGPT is writing a 15-second video commercial script

I mean, it’s not awful, ChatGPT, but a little basic if you ask me. I would have made it a bit more unique; 

I would have gone with a female voiceover (Older Gen Z/Young Millennial) instead of having the actors/talent telling me about the vehicle. I would have used a 20s/early 30s woman as talent…Scenes of her driving with her trusty senior rescue mutt in tow to a mountain destination using quick shots of all the cool tech inside, the sleek exterior, and the beautiful sunrise, then stopping at the base of a trail and getting out with her dog to hike.

(Scene opens to wide shot of vehicle driving to mountain destination)


 The All-New 2023 _______Hybrid SUV.

 (medium/close-up interior shots showcasing driver, cool tech on dash display, medium shot of dog in rear seat looking out the window)


Built to Get You Places.

(wide shot of SUV arriving at the trailhead, medium shot of driver and dog getting out of vehicle, Wide shot of driver and dog on walking on a trail surrounded by forest, closeup of dog looking at owner)


Driven By a Love for Our World.

(medium shot of driver stopping to pick up a piece of trash on the trail as on-screen graphics of car make and model appear)


Can ChatGPT write stories?

Then I asked Bing/ChatGPT to write a love story between a frog and a butterfly.

chatGPT question- write a love story featuring a frog and a butterfly

ChatGPT overused “beautiful,” but I must admit, it’s a sweet story.

Can ChatGPT create travel itineraries?

So, ChatGPT can deliver written, human-like responses, but what about other tasks, like planning a vacation? I’m constantly Googling ideas for travel. So, I asked ChatGPT to help me with a 3-day road trip with a budget of $500.

ChatGPT question: 3-day road trip from Nashville to Indianapolis

Since Google relies on keywords, I tried a search for the same concept.

Google search of: Nashville to Indianapolis 3 day road trip

Obviously, Bing was more helpful.

ChatGPT and students

While I’m not worried about my job as a writer or producer, I would be concerned if I worked in education. What will prevent students or anyone from using ChatGPT to complete assignments?

Asking ChatGPT how teachers will find out about students using chatGPT

Well, it’s refreshing to know ChatGPT is keeping students honest!

What about stagePost?

ChatGPT asking: Can you please tell me about stagepost

I’m excited to see how ChatGPT impacts our world. In the meantime, you should contact StagePost for all your video production and scriptwriting needs.

AI Animated Avatar Creations

Below is an example of how ChatGPT and AI can create a lifelike avatar! If you found the information in this blog interesting- watch this video!

StagePost Utilizing AI

Click on the video below to see how StagePost is utilizing AI, and read our latest blog post on ChatGBT. 

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