Creating Your Own Virtual Reality

We would like to share with you a new way of looking at the world, the 360-degree camera. The new 360-degree cameras can be placed in a center of a room and take a series of pictures to yield an internal global view of anything. This technology can be used in many instances and in many industries. The big news is that its pictures can be combines with a virtual reality application, particularly the new virtual reality headset. This headset will allow you to turn your head left and you will see the left side of the room or look up and see the ceiling in the picture. This may be especially helpful in training, marketing and event applications. Just imagine being able to look all around the inside of the International Space Station or an intricate machine. The ideas go on and on, only limited by imagination.

The 360-degree camera can easily be used on the internet, so that anyone can view any part, of any room, just by sliding your mouse around the screen.  Some of the 360-degree cameras are also approved by Google to post to the Google Street View app., allowing for inside 360-degree building tours, without having to step foot inside the building. Just imagine being able to tour a business without making the trip there. This would make a realtor’s job a lot easier when showing a property to an out of town client. Getting the whole picture of a scene would also be great for certain industries, making many jobs easier and maybe even safer.

Can you imagine being a surveyor or an interior designer and being able to view the entire scene in one picture before you even made it to the location? This technology would be great for hotels, allowing guests to view a room before booking it. Museums and art galleries would also benefit from this technology by being able to conduct online tours anytime, day or night. 360-Degree technology is also great for an inside tour of a car for a commercial or even a training video, allowing for a real life like experience. Please let us know if you would like to have additional information or if you have an application you would like our help with. We would also be happy to assist you in purchasing your own 360-degree camera! As well as show you some neat tricks that we have learned!

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