Game On: Winning with Gamification

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Everyone Loves a Good Game

We can thank the Chinese for playing cards, ancient Mesopotamia for the first board game, and Persia for the oldest team sport (Polo). And while these games are apparent, you may be engaging in games throughout your day without realizing it: wearing a fitness tracker to help you meet your step goal, using a reward system for chores, potty training, or pet training, racking up views on your latest Instagram story, or TikTok video, and more! According to University of Michigan-Dearborn associate dean and educational technology professor Stein Brunvand, “Gamification is applying game-like principles to nongame situations.” Below are some reasons why companies should use gamification in their daily workflow.

Changing Behaviors

Companies have used gamification as a marketing and sales tactic since the late 1700s. The first American store loyalty program began in New Hampshire when a business owner handed out copper tokens to customers. The tokens directly impacted customer behaviors by encouraging them to return and use the coins for future purchases. The idea spread; today, most households belong to nearly thirty loyalty programs.

Making Learning Fun

While gamification is a proven business strategy, it’s also effective in education and training. Game-based learning has its roots in ancient Greece, with Plato first using games as a teaching tool. Gamification and game-based learning boosts motivation and engagement and has a high return on investment. Below is an example of using gamification in a livestream event. 

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Use Gaming on Your Next Live Streaming Event

While slides, pre-recorded videos, and product demonstrations can help, games turn any webinar or webcast into a fun and interactive experience. Our clients have utilized this method, like posing a question before the live stream and asking viewers to type answers in the chat window. 

Another easy way to include gamification is adding a contest or giveaway. You can achieve this quickly by incorporating a Q&A section for participants to “ask the experts.” Let attendees know in advance about the contest and give them a deadline to submit their questions. Reward the involvement live on-air by randomly selecting a contributor for a prize near end of the broadcast, having the host announce the winner’s name.

Other clients have gotten even more creative, with individual or team-based challenges sprinkled throughout the live program. Attendees compete for prizes by scoring points participating in polls and answering trivia questions. Some clients have added a mandatory exam following the event where participants must achieve a specific score or risk attending the live event again or watching the recording.

Putting on a webcast or webinar is a significant undertaking. StagePost can help every step of the way while working with your platform of choice. StagePost has 1G internet up and down-perfect for a seamless live stream with no delay. Whatever game-based method you decide on for your next virtual event, StagePost can help you get there! Get a quote for your next webcast or webinar here.

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