Healthcare Marketing In A Digital Age

Healthcare Marketing in a Digital Age

Marketing in Healthcare

Marketing technology is changing every day. Healthcare companies want to compete using emerging strategies. In this blog, we will look at some of the marketing tools companies use in a diverse and multifaceted marketplace.


TikTok began its rise in 2020 when short-form videos started to gain traction. TikTok is a good platform for healthcare providers to create engaging content that can be seen as educational. It also allows businesses, large and small, to connect to their target audience. Whether it be a doctor’s office or patient billing, you may ask yourself, do people really turn to the internet more than actual healthcare professionals? Turns out, yes! 51% of adults say the internet (including social media) is their first choice for medical information, while just 31% would ask their primary care doctor. On top of the educational benefits that can come along with TikTok, it can humanize hospital staff and patient care. 

Google Short Form Video

When TikTok became popular in 2020 with its short-form video, many other social media platforms followed. Places like Facebook and Instagram changed their algorithms to push short-form “reels” instead of the average Instagram photos. It looks like Google is following suit as it aims to blend more videos and imagery into search results instead of the average search results we are used to seeing. When a client or customer searches for a doctor, or best billing practices, google will provide a broader range of information. As you scroll through the search results, pictures, short-form videos, and additional information will pop up.

AI In Healthcare

Microsoft has an existing AI for Good initiative, and within this initiative, they are launching “AI For Health,” aiming to utilize AI in life-changing medicine. Microsoft is partnering with many organizations utilizing AI to advance healthcare. Some of the initiatives include:

  • Center of Integrative Brain Research: Seattle Children’s Research Institute uses AI to find the link between lifestyle choices and Sudden Death Syndrome.
  • IRIS is building an AI solution that can diagnose diabetic retinopathy
  • The Novartis Foundation is using AI to recognize leprosy in an image of skin lesions.

To learn more about this initiative, click on the photo below.

AI in healthcare allows medical professionals to improve accuracy and prioritize patient care. AI can think 1000 times faster than a human mind, finishing tasks quicker and, most of the time, more efficiently. This allows healthcare professionals to focus on the essential parts- the actual patients. 72% of healthcare executives trust AI to support administrative processes. To read more on AI in Healthcare, check out our blog “How AI Is Transforming Healthcare”

Google Ads

Google Ads allow companies to target a specific location, age, keyword, and device. If you are a healthcare provider wanting to bring additional clients into your clinic, this is an excellent way to do just that. Think about how often you google “doctor near me” and end up clicking on the first search result. Targeting a specific location would allow more visibility. On top of Google Ads being convenient, they are also cost-effective. You are the one that controls the costs. There is no minimum payment, and you can choose the amount by day, week, or month if you’d like. The best news is you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad! Since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, it is extremely easy to track and manage your campaign’s success, and Google Ads also offer tools to manage the advertisements efficiently.

Facebook Ads

As a healthcare company, chances are your target audience is on Facebook. In fact, Facebook has 2.96 billion monthly active users as of 2023. Facebook ads are highly customizable, allowing you to cater to the exact audience you need. Nursing recruitment? Patient recruitment? Overall exposure to your organization? Facebook Ads are the avenue for you! They are easy to set up and yield quick results with the ability to reach large audiences quickly. These advertisements are also extremely budget-friendly, with an average cost of .94 cents per click and $12.07 per 1,000 impressions..

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Email Marketing

Whether you find yourself in the payor or provider sector of healthcare, email marketing is an excellent way to get your message across, provide new important information, or promote an event your company is holding.

Appointment reminders via email are crucial for return visits. Sending emails to existing patients can help build relationships. They can also allow your services to stay at the forefront of their minds. How often do you remember your appointments without the reminder email you receive a few days before…

Information about healthcare, diagnosis, and much more information is provided on the internet, but making it easier to find allows your patients to feel more at ease. When patients are prescribed medication, find themselves sick, or have specific treatments, the first thing they do is Google. 

Emailing patients additional information after a doctor’s visit would allow for further education and peace of mind, and overall it reduces your patient’s work.

Content Marketing In Healthcare

Content is a large and very important part of any company’s marketing strategy, and healthcare is no different. The best part about content marketing is you need very minimal to get started. Content marketing allows your company and brand to reach a large audience interested in your product or service. According to Beckers Hospital Review, there are a BILLION healthcare-related searches a day! Healthcare content marketing builds trust in your business, allows you to answer questions organically through blog posts or web pages, and even can reduce patient anxiety by organically explaining what will happen during a procedure.

Direct Mail

While many believe direct mail is a dying marketing tactic, it can be proven successful for multiple reasons. Some, including direct mail, are tangible and personal. These ads are highly targeted and can be creative and versatile. Who doesn’t love getting mail? Although it seems like most mailboxes today are full of bills that most people pay electronically, whenever you get a letter or a fun package, it can make your day better! 50% of consumers 35+ say that direct mail feels more important than email communications with brands, so if you find that your target audience is in that age range- direct mail could bring in a lot of conversions!

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