How Live Streaming Benefits your Business

After the popularity of the live streaming app Periscope, many social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have adopted this same concept. With one click of a button, you can be broadcasting live to everyone who follows you.

But what are the benefits of live streaming when it comes to business and how can you utilize this trend?

Live streaming is an excellent tool for businesses to interact and share information with customers. Use live streaming to reveal a new product line or promotion or to announce a new direction in your company.

Live streaming creates a sense of urgency, it’s like the digital version of a limited time offer. Even though you can (and possibly should) upload the live stream later, the “live now” aspect makes it seem like you have to act now or you’ll miss out.

A great example is when Harley-Davidson revealed their new 2016 bikes via live streaming on Periscope. Harley fans from all over could join together to watch the new bikes roll out and use their associated hashtag #RideAroundTheWorld as they talk about it. This not only created a sense of urgency to see the new bikes live but also created a sense of community amongst fans of the bike and the company itself.

You can apply this same concept to introducing new products to your employees before they are out on the market. Demonstrate the ends and outs of the new product, talk about its benefits, and how your employees should go about promoting it in their retail locations.

These online video broadcasts allow your meeting to reach every member of your company, no matter where they are located and connects the employee with senior leadership, leading the employee to feel more engaged. Live streaming your Town Halls is a great way to deliver new business information to all of your employees, first hand. And you can keep the stream secure by requiring a password to view the page.

Live streaming Town Hall meetings can also save company time and money. By broadcasting the video to employees the company saves money on travel expenses, as well as travel time.

Live streaming is an excellent tool for marketing and corporate communications and is engaging and affordable, so start looking for the best streaming solution for your business.