How to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Video: Part 1

Boost Digital Marketing with Video Part 1

Ready for some mind-blowing stats? 88% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI, 86% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation, and 81% of marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales. Impressive, right? 

It’s no surprise that many brands are using video in their marketing efforts. To stand out in the crowd, you need video marketing to seamlessly tell your brand story, generate leads, and boost your digital strategy. 

Your Video Marketing Guide—3 Ways to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Video Creates Genuine Connections with Your Audience

To stand out in an ever-expanding sea of content, you need to truly connect with your audience and tell your brand story with sincerity. Your brand story plays a big role in conveying your goals behind your digital marketing campaign. As a business, you want to meet your audience where they are. As you’re planning for 2023, keep this in mind: digital channels are set to exceed 60% of global ad spend, with half of social media users preferring video over other forms of media. The best way to connect is simple: show up on their screens! 

Don’t get the wrong impression, other forms of content are absolutely necessary. However, videos leave more room to expand on your corporate creativity, visually show your audience your brand voice, and tell your story by appealing to your audience through their preferred means of communication. 

To us, videos bring the ethos behind your corporate brand to life. Effective videos show your audience what is behind your products or services: your vision and values, what sets your brand apart from others, and the value you bring to your customers’ lives.  

Sincere, engaging videos bridge the gap between your company and your audience by building genuine connections. 

Video Boosts Sales and Leads

A strong digital marketing strategy that incorporates intentional video content can boost both sales and leads, resulting in a positive ROI. Need more convincing? 84% of consumer internet traffic is video content. With the rise of TikTok and reels, that’s not surprising, right?

According to Hubspot, 51.9% of marketing professionals listed video content as the content type that produced the most ROI, with over 60% of marketers deciding to increase their video usage to reap these benefits. Even better, studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product or service subsequently bought it. Incorporating video marketing into your strategy is advantageous to the ROI of a company for many reasons:

  • Ranks higher in search and improves SEO: Videos can increase your rankings on Google and search engines, boosting your SEO score. 
  • Allows your audience to better understand your product or service: Video allows you to show and not just tell,  providing a clear explanation of how your product or service provides an actual solution to the issues of your audience. 
  • Expands your reach: Since videos are easily shareable and engaging, your company can reach a new audience and new potential leads. 

Video Appeals to Social Media Users

Videos have become content that social media users desire. With so much social content out there, your videos need to appeal to users where they are: all of the social media platforms! According to Sprout, 93% of companies acquired new customers from social media through posting videos. 

Additionally, 51.7% of global internet users aged 16 to 64 prefer watching videos, with users reporting that watching videos, TV shows and movies is their primary reason for using the internet. When you’re looking to amplify your digital marketing strategy, appealing to social media users places your brand at the forefront of online activity.

The Power of Video Marketing

With video marketing on the rise, it’s important to identify ways this tool can be used to your corporation’s advantage. As a company, creating a genuine connection with your audience, boosting sales and leads, and appealing to social media users are ways video can enhance your digital marketing strategy.

With video marketing and social media becoming more popular, it’s important to identify ways this tool can be used to your advantage. Many companies and leaders have recognized the value and impact of digital marketing and made efforts to integrate additional marketing efforts into their line of business. On the contrary, 49% have no defined marketing strategy. With that said, the power of video marketing is clear.

Ready to harness the power of video marketing for your digital strategy? We’re ready to help. Contact us today to get started on your new video!