Corporate Creativity: 3 Ways to Inspire Employees Through Video Content

Corporate Creativity

In today’s digital world, we know how important it is to create relevant content. With almost everything shared online, there’s a video attached. Whether it be a Tik Tok, Instagram reel or YouTube short, it’s safe to say there has been a rise in video consumption, even in the corporate world. According to LumApps, 91% of employees believe there are benefits to accessing video content at work, and 52% of employees said they prefer watching videos to reading content. 

No matter the setting, everyone loves a good video. With the popularity of video steadily rising, companies can capitalize on corporate video content to keep employees feeling valued and motivated. In our last blog, we unpacked ways to make training videos more compelling. But how can you inspire creativity in your employees as well as train them?  

Inspiring Your Employees—Three Ways to Utilize Corporate Video Content for Creativity

Corporate video content may be different from regular videos, as the content may be more restricted and limited to specific topics. Corporate videos are usually made on behalf of businesses, but they don’t have to be boring! In today’s work environment, employees seek more than an eight hour shift—they desire a workplace with a sense of company culture. Corporate video content can be utilized to enhance the culture of a company and add an element of creativity. It can be used in few ways to inspire employees:  

Why Should You Motivate Your Team with Corporate Video?

Studies show that more than one-third of employees believe they would be more engaged if corporate communications were more inspiring than they are today. The proof is in the pudding—fully utilizing your video content for employees’ sake is cost efficient, motivating, and provides more engagement to your company culture. 

Motivation and Encouragement

Let’s get started! A good way to encourage corporate creativity is to send genuine motivational and encouraging videos to employees. As a child, was there a class where you would watch a movie or do something fun at a set day and time? Even if you didn’t look forward to the class, we’re sure you looked forward to the movie or activity. 

Using this same creative principle in the workplace, you can schedule a set day and time to send out motivational videos that act as an encouragement. You can also create a poll to accompany the video. This is a great way to identify what stressors or opportunities your staff is facing during the work week. Your company can use this information to best support your employees in the ways that resonate most with them. Your staff may not necessarily be looking forward to coming into the office on a Friday. However, knowing they are receiving that weekly motivational snippet may just add the cherry on top! 

Engagement and Interaction 

Lights! Camera! Action! – we have an employee show! No, this section is not going to be about “The Office.” Instead, let’s unpack the idea of employee interaction and how your company culture and creativity can be enhanced with sincere inclusion. To engage your employees, include some interactive elements! 

The idea behind an employee show is to develop a channel where employees can create their own short videos or blogs that share ideas about ways to improve the company, something new they discovered, advice on how they are overcoming a work challenge or anything appropriate they desire to share. This is also a great opportunity to shout-out employees! Creating a dedicated space for easy communication and the sharing of insights directly from your employees will make it clear that they are valued and heard. Sounds good, right?


Your employees deserve to be showcased for all of their hard work! In fact, 51% of employees say that the most important priority of an employer should be to make their employees feel valued. We usually break it down like this: 

Creating Employee Recognition Videos:

  • Determine the goal of your video – Do you want this to inspire other employees or just serve a quick shout-out to a top-performing employee? 
  • Show and tell – Did your employees overcome any particular challenges? How did they overcome them? 
  • Be genuine – Share praise for your employees, but focus on sincerity in your message and tone. 

Let’s Get Started With Your Corporate Video Content

Now, you finally get it—corporate video production isn’t that bad after all! There are several ways you can inspire and encourage your employees through the power of video. To start, you can look into sending out motivational videos, having employees create testimonial videos, and our favorite – the introduction of an employee show. 

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