How to Make Corporate Training Videos Compelling

Make Your Training Videos Compelling

Here at StagePost, we’re well aware of the importance of training in the workplace and how it plays a role in the structure, management and organization of a business. We like to think of it as the foundation for how your company’s work is carried out, especially in our ever changing digital world. 

Corporate training post COVID-19 has shifted the way companies utilize this tool. Today, many companies have diverted to more innovative ways to familiarize employees with company fundamentals and encourage them to do their best work.  Employees may also begin to feel overloaded with the amount of time spent on the computer.  With these challenges at hand, it’s crucial for your brand to  efficiently utilize corporate training videos to create the same inviting and engaging workspace through technology.

Creating a Corporate Training Video—Four Ways to Produce Compelling Content for Employees

The Importance of Training Videos

It’s no surprise that the demand for video content is increasing, even in the corporate world.  Videos are more efficient, interactive, convenient and compelling to viewers, and are generally a more efficient and affordable way to train your team, regardless of their location. In fact, when Microsoft decided to use video instead of classroom training, their costs reduced from $320 per person to just $17 per person. Over 3 years, the total costs saved amounted to about $13.9 million per year! 

In a saturated virtual market, it’s imperative that your content be compelling to your team and to your audience. Think about it like this: do you remember a time your parents made you do a chore you disliked?  You probably grumbled and complained because you didn’t find the chore enticing. It was something you just had to do. As a company, you don’t want employees to feel this way—forced to complete a chore instead of feeling encouraged and supported. Effective corporate video training allows you to seamlessly convey the foundation of your company and learn more about how your employees contribute to your brand, while also providing a stimulating and authentic environment. Sounds helpful, right?

Incorporate More Employee Interaction

Before you record your training videos, be sure to plan, plan, plan! Determine your corporate video’s ultimate goals, and create a general outline of what you want to cover succinctly. As you plan, think of ways to get employees involved with the video. Remember, sincerity and authenticity is key.

If you want to really spice up your content and engage employees even more, interactive activities could be an excellent addition to your video plan. Here are a few ways we like to encourage interaction:

  • Start with the abstract – Ask relevant, thought-provoking questions to get your team thinking on overarching themes and goals. 
  • Lighten it up – Be relaxed and show some humor when it’s appropriate.
  • Don’t just read straight from a script – Your video needs to be relatable and feel like a conversation, not a bland written statement.

Consider Video Length

Let’s be real. It’s difficult to stay engaged with long videos! When making corporate training videos, be mindful of your audience’s attention span. More than 50% of viewers prefer a video length between three and six minutes. 

If the videos are content heavy, try to break them up into multiple shorter videos. When watching your training video, the duration is most likely the first thing your team will check. A shorter video length will appear more manageable and engaging than a very long one. 

Add Music and Sound Effects

While your corporate video must always reflect your professionalism , there’s always room to be creative! Adding music and sound effects add color and expression to videos. If you ask us, adding music to anything makes it better, but it doesn’t always mean adding the latest Top 40 hit wherever you like. Your music and sound effects should always accompany and support the message being shared.

Use Interesting Content

We know—you spend too much time on TikTok! Don’t we all? To further engage your employees, don’t be afraid to look outside the box! Incorporating timely, viral reels, TikToks, compelling webcasts, or other social content can keep your corporate video lively and relatable, but be sure you have an accurate gauge on what your employees are interested in and what is trending at the moment. Any additional content like this should be used sparingly and must support your message, much like adding music and sound effects.

Let’s Get Started on Your Corporate Training Video

The use of video for corporate training purposes is only growing. According to Forbes, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to a retention rate of 10% when reading the same information in text format.  Mind-blowing, right? When creating your training content, choose a collaborative team with an innate understanding of the value of corporate video. Give us a call today to get started!

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