How to Make Memorable Marketing Videos (Put a Dog or a Baby in it)

Learn how to make memorable videos to enhance your marketing efforts, with or without featuring babies or dogs.
Memorable Marketing Videos

Statistically, videos with dogs in them get 5736% more views than videos without, and videos with babies tend to see 2847% more engagement. Okay, we made that up, but it’s probably still true to some extent. After all, dogs and babies make our lives magic. However, they’re not always on demand for your videos. So we’re here to offer some additional tips to help you make memorable marketing videos. 

How to make memorable videos that make a lasting mark on your target audience

Impress With First Impressions

You only get a few seconds to make a good first impression. Clear titles, descriptions, and video thumbnails are crucial to grab a potential customer’s attention with your video. If they don’t know what they’re about to watch, they may simply scroll to the next video in their feed, skip the commercial, or completely disengage. 

As for the list of don’ts…. Remember that no one likes clickbait. If you try it once, your viewers won’t trust any future videos, so be sure to deliver on your promise with your title and description within the video. 

Sell Your Story

Brand awareness is great, but if you really want viewers to remember your marketing videos, you must tell a story. Funny, sad, scary—the emotions you evoke will not only keep your video at the forefront of your viewers’ minds, but emotions will also make engagement and sharing more likely. In fact, emotional ads perform almost twice as well as rational (or boring) ones.

The story you tell should have one topic with one clear objective. If you muddy the waters with too much information, you’ll lose interest, no matter how funny, scary, or sad the finished product may be. For bonus points, make the story involve the viewer. People are much more interested if they can see themselves in the story.

Provide Proof

demonstration videoMany people are visual learners. Video is a great way to prove that your products work as promised. By doubling your marketing videos’ duties with education and proof, you can both teach your buyers how your products work and how well your products work. 

How-to videos and other tutorials make great marketing content. Pair this concept with a story that tugs at your audience’s emotions, and you’ll have a verified video that converts.

Find Your Rhythm

Music plays a huge role in information recall, as many studies have shown. That means a great song—one that has been licensed for use, of course—can pull double duty in evoking emotions and provoking memories long after your video has been viewed. Imagine the sheer power of a dog video paired with a song that pulls at the heartstrings. That’s a formula Budweiser mastered in this unforgettable ad they aired during the biggest pro football game of the year.

Quantify Your Worth With Quality

While professional video production isn’t an absolute must for every situation, it goes a long way in proving the quality your business provides—especially in professional settings. Imagine how memorable your videos would be with all the elements mentioned above, plus incredible production. You’d be unstoppable.

Our production team is available for on-site and satellite video shoots, as well as for post-production assistance. Whenever you need help producing a high-quality production, we’re your team. Reach out to learn more about how we can help you create memorable marketing videos, with or without the dog.

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