How to Use Gamification in Your Webinar

Webinar Gamification

When was the last time you attended a virtual event or webinar?

With more people working from home and avoiding travel, we have inevitably seen an increase in webinars and live events. And as more and more people conduct the essential functions of their personal and professional lives virtually, we’ve inevitably started to feel virtual burnout—otherwise known as Zoom fatigue.

While it’s not a formal medical diagnosis, Healthline describes Zoom fatigue as “the exhaustion you feel after any kind of video call or conference,” and discusses the real-life impacts this ‘new reality’ is having on our health. But even before the pandemic, creating engaging presentations that excite and encourage audience participation was no simple task.

After working with countless businesses, media personalities, and leaders across a wide breadth of industries, we’ve unlocked the secret to a successful webinar or livestream—that secret is gamification.

By adding elements of game play, such as a competition, you can make the presentation more personally relevant in order to prevent feelings of burnout and overall disengagement. Below, we’ll look at three ways you can use gamification in your webinars and livestreaming events, and we’ll also offer some proof as to why you should let go, and have a little fun at your next virtual event. 


There’s a reason why bars and restaurants see an increase of 65%-225% in revenue when they introduce trivia time. The chance to show off your smarts and win prizes is enough to get even the most dedicated couch potato off their sofa.

You can achieve a similar effect by introducing Trivia into your next webinar. Here’s how to works: 

  1. Let everyone know there will be trivia and prizes throughout the presentation.
  2. Simply share information during sessions (which you are already doing) and then ask a few questions before moving on to the next round. Consider adding small prizes for each section.
  3. At the end of the presentation, it’s time for the grand finale where you get to see how many participants retained knowledge throughout the entire webinar. The big winner gets to take home the grand prize. Attendees will perk right up for the chance to win a few prizes, especially if you make it worth their while. 

Why You Should: In addition to achieving a higher level of engagement, you also have the chance to share knowledge that has a higher chance of actually being retained. Plus, those prizes can be branded with your company information, which increases your brand exposure.

The Guessing Game

If you’re sharing new and particularly interesting information, consider allowing your attendees to take a stab at the answers before you share. This concept could work with new statistics, new products, and new clients—the list is truly endless.

Winners, of course, are those who get the closest to the correct answer. But in reality, the winner is you. By creating an engaging environment, you’ll keep all in attendance on the edge of their seat, ready to shout out or fill in answers for the next guessing game.

Why You Should: You can learn a lot about the way your attendees think by incorporating this game. How strong is their grasp on your business? What ideas do they have for new products? Who has a line on a new potential client that you’ve been overlooking? Your team, investors, or whatever audience you’re speaking to are a valuable resource, and your next livestreaming event is a great way to get to know them more.

Social Media Sharing

Do you ever feel like attendees aren’t really listening to the presentation, imagining them on social media liking their favorite recipes and cat videos? Maybe it’s time to capitalize on their favorite pass-time and drive traffic to your business, all at the same time. Create a social media challenge associated with your next livestream event—complete with custom hashtag, of course. At the end of the event, announce the winner of a challenge and the recipient of the grand prize.

Not sure what to ask? Try out these ideas: 

  • Describe your job in three words
  • What would your superpower be?
  • (Ice Breaker) How would you break up with yourself?
  • (Ice Breaker) What would your band name be?

At the end of the livestream, you can read out the best/funniest answers.

Why You Should: In a world where so many of us are working remotely, camaraderie isn’t in huge supply. By offering an opportunity for everyone to laugh together and have a good time between business sessions, you’re creating a fun environment while simultaneously ensuring people remember your brand in a positive light. You’re also driving more attention to your business or brand through those custom hashtags.

The Necessities of a Successful Webinar or Livestream Event

Of course, to pull off any webinar or livestream event, you’ll need more than a successful gamification strategy. Employing the professional assistance of an experienced video production company will help ensure your next virtual event goes off without a glitch. 

StagePost has you covered. We offer a full spectrum of services to support your next event including custom-fit webinar platforms for hosting, in-person studios for b-roll or pre-recorded segments, and an experienced team who can help you think through every step from conception to the event-follow up.

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