We work with many clients who need to connect with a wide audience over distance.  Our Interactive Applications bridge the communication gap between corporate and remote audiences; typical in hospitals, banks, large professional firms, and retailers. Our systems and programs have been custom developed to meet a wide array of training, corporate communication, and marketing needs. The company has won national awards for its digital communication, networks, and interactive applications. From touch screens to digital signage to secure interactive video networks, the company prides itself on solutions unavailable from any other provider

360 Virtual Reality: Allows the viewer to be transported to another place by way of a virtual reality headset and noise canceling headphones. 360 Virtual Reality allows the viewer to look to the left, right, up and down and see what is going on in the video, just like it would be if they were standing on location.

Corporate Video Network: Excelevision- The internet app can store videos that can be opened and watched securely at any time. It offers the ability to selectively funnel content to a specific group and then, either test or survey the audience after viewing.

Digital Signage: Designing and implementing private networks, video merchandising, digital signage, interactive kiosks and point of purchase video that can transform retail environments into integrated marketplaces. Consumer Financial News (CFN) is a video network for banks and financial institutions; providing financial news and programming along with bank product ads.  E2 is an entertainment network for convenience store chains connecting national sponsor ads to the point of purchase along with entertainment videos that add to the customer experience.

Touch Selling Systems: Interactive touch screens for the retail environment that are used to demonstrate products, illustrate benefits or offer product descriptions in different languages. The screens come in different sizes and can be used on computer tops or mounted on walls.

Video Streaming Services: Excelestream- Our Video Streaming solutions offer companies and communities the ability to stream town halls, product presentations, and multi-site meetings. StagePost provides a complete customized package solution including hosting, streaming, support, website integration, and live video production. To learn more about our streaming solutions please click here.

Video-Based Training Programs (PDS): Our Professional Development Series utilizes video interviews, dramatizations and demonstrations to take the viewer directly to the subject matter, showing employees how something is made, its key features and how to implement or install it.