Kickstart 2023 with a Strong Video Marketing Strategy

2023 Video Strategy

A video marketing strategy is important if you’re looking to produce top-quality works that captivate your audience and clients. With the new year rolling around, staying on top of your video game pushes you ahead, allowing your company to stand out.

Ready for some mind-blowing stats? With the average video budget increasing in 2023 by 64%, 84% of businesses use video as an effective marketing tool. Additionally, 59% of content marketers say they can receive better video results if a video marketing strategy was used. As the power of video becomes more apparent, more companies are prioritizing video marketing as a key tool for success. Does your video marketing strategy have what it takes to boost your company to the next level?

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Video Marketing in 2023

Focus on Analytics

Before you start to craft your video marketing strategy, it’s important to have an idea of what your competitors are doing. We might just have a sweet tooth here at StagePost, but we’ll use the analogy of entering a baking contest—you’ll want to have an idea of what the other contestants are making so that your dessert can stand out! In the same sense, it doesn’t hurt to gain a general understanding of what video marketing tactics your competitors typically utilize. 

Analyzing the data from your video marketing initiatives, including a competitive analysis, allows you to identify ways to enhance your own video strategy. As you examine key performance indicators (KPIs) like impressions, views, view-through rate, and watch time, to name a few, you’ll be able to identify what video strategies worked for your ROI and what strategies did not produce the desired results for your company. Going back to the baking analogy, if your cake didn’t come out the way you expected, you’ll go back to the drawing board to identify what you did wrong and what could’ve been done differently

Tell Your Brand Story

If you haven’t gotten the attention of a millennial within 12 seconds, you’re out of luck because they’ve already moved on. For most viewers, they need to be hooked within 8 seconds, or else you’ll lose them too. The bottom line here is that there shouldn’t be any hesitation in grabbing your audience’s attention immediately by crafting a compelling hook to start your video. A great way to do this is by incorporating storytelling in your video marketing strategy.

The addition of storytelling in your strategy is the perfect way to get your message to stick in a genuine, memorable way. Viewers may forget statistics and numbers, but they won’t forget a good story. Telling your brand story allows room for corporate creativity opportunities like:

  • Join a trend: Your brand can join in on popular topics and uniquely display your take on current causes and trends, but be sure to draft any messaging appropriately. 
  • Show behind-the-scenes content: You can show your audience what it’s like to produce your product or service, and make them feel like it’s an exclusive view just for them. 
  • Customer or employee testimonials: While this often goes hand-in-hand with behind-the-scenes content, it is more focused on sharing the insights and experiences of real customers or staff members. 

Optimize Your Videos

Optimizing your reach using video marketing can increase your ROI. This process typically encompasses how your audience interacts with various social media platforms and framing videos to best suit their usage, including platform-specific requirements for sizing, quality, and video length. Designing for mobile usage first is also a crucial step, as more than 75% of all video views come from phones and other mobile devices. 

Optimization is inherently tied to conducting an internal analysis of your company’s video marketing efforts and highlighting how your audience uses social media. Remember, you can’t optimize without analytics! 

Putting Your 2023 Video Marketing Plan Into Action

It’s time to get a head start on your 2023 plan and decide what you’ll do differently to make your video marketing better than ever before!  

Video production is our craft and we’ve got the secrets that’ll set your video marketing strategy apart from others. If you’re ready to take the next step to ensure your strategy is strong, reach out and let’s get started on your next video! 

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