National Convention Held Virtually in Our Studios

Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Conference at StagePost

In our studio last week, there was a week-long virtual national convention with speakers, presentations, and breakout rooms, along with a 70 vendor trade show. The entire convention was online using in-studio and remote presenters. We believe this is the new norm for meetings and conventions until a vaccine is available for coronavirus.

At StagePost, we are developing systems that will allow our Clients to be more productive with conference and communication features that go beyond what can be done with in-person meetings. We welcome the opportunity to explain and demonstrate these many virtual communication opportunities.

Also, our video crews, edit rooms, and studios are open and thankfully continually getting booked. Four webcasts and two videos are in pre-production. Call for availabilities.

Visit our website or call 615-248-1978 to learn more.

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