Get Those Sales: How to Optimize Your Reach Using Video Marketing

Optimize the reach of your marketing video!

Curious about boosting your reach with video? Buckle up for some mind-blowing stats: 87% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI, 86% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation, and 81% of marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales.

We’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. With those stats in mind, you might be asking yourself, how can my brand press play on a video marketing strategy? But before you jump into video planning and storyboarding, let’s start with the basics.

What is Reach?

With so many people and brands sharing video content, it’s getting harder to reach your ideal clients. Lucky for you, quantifying your video’s reach isn’t as complex as it sounds. To put it simply, reach is the total number of people who see your content. There are a few different categories that reach falls into depending on the social platform, but regardless of what kind of reach metrics you’re working with, it’s always going to be a key component when calculating ROI on your marketing video

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most ROI, you first have to learn how to optimize your reach when using video marketing—we’ve got four simple tips for you. 


Know Your Audience

Defining your audience is a step that needs to be achieved before you create your video, and it remains a crucial component when evaluating your reach. For example, a video targeted to Gen Z viewers will look different than a video marketing to Gen X. To best examine what appeals to your ideal viewers, play around with titles, captions, end cards, and calls to action (CTAs). Little tweaks like this can change the way a viewer interacts with your marketing video and improve your view rate.

Pull them in

Now that you know your audience, it’s time to hook them with a compelling visual. Choose your thumbnail image carefully, as this is the first thing viewers see when your video is displayed on a page. This image should best highlight your video’s content while simulations enticing users to hit play. 

The first few seconds of your video are the most important. Since most social media platforms have the auto-play feature, you’ll only have a few frames to catch their attention before they scroll on. Be aware as well that many users usually play video without audio, so these few seconds need to be visually compelling for your audience to continue watching.

keep them engaged

You’ve gotten their attention, now keep them captivated! There are a few key elements to this stage of optimizing reach:

  • Design for mobile first, as more than 75% of all video views come from phones and other mobile devices. 
  • Keep your message short and simple. Your writing should be clear, to the point, and engaging. 
  • Avoid ad fatigue. You don’t want viewers to get tired of your ad because they’ve seen it too many times. Consider having at least two or three versions of your ad to keep things engaging, and don’t forget to test which version performs best.

nail those sales

It’s no surprise that video is the number one form of media used as a content strategy by marketers. At the end of the day, the most important element of optimizing the reach for your marketing video is to start with unique, high-quality video that is perfectly customized to your brand. 

Thankfully, we know some pros who can help. Learn more about our video production services, and contact us today to start building your next video campaign.

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