Part 1: 3 Reasons You Should Use Video Content on Social Media

4 Reasons You Should Use Video Content on Social Media

If you’ve logged in to any social media platform recently, you probably noticed video content within the first 10 seconds of scrolling. Nearly nine out of ten people report wanting to see more videos from brands in 2021, making video an excellent tool for lead generation and brand awareness. Still not sold on why you should use video content on social media? 

The most successful content marketers are using video content consistently on social media, and we’ve got the insider scoop explaining why.

Reasons to Use Video Content on Social Media—3 Simple Steps

Video Captures Your Audiences’ Attention Quickly

Because video quickly captures viewers attention and holds it longer than a standard photo, this type of content typically performs best with most algorithms—their whole goal is to keep users on their platform for longer. As an added bonus, video is easier to consume than text- or photo-based content. This ease of viewing allows you to tap into both visual and aural audiences, expanding your reach. 

In order to be successful, it’s vital that your video content gets your viewers on board—and fast. You can accomplish this by crafting a strong hook and keeping the video brief. The most compelling brand videos introduce the brand and communicate its mission in a short, snappy way that grabs the viewer’s attention and simply refuses to let go. By placing your most captivating elements in the opening seconds of your marketing video, you can break through the noise and competition while keeping your branding and messaging consistent.

Video Boosts Conversions and ROI


Engaged viewers can be taken on a user journey entirely determined by their video-viewing habits. For example, a viewer who has watched half of a video on the top 10 trending lighting fixtures can be sent targeted information and products based on their view. Regardless of how much of the video a user watches—the full video, half of the video, or just a few seconds—your marketing team can implement strategies to further engage each audience segment, increasing their interest in your product or service. 


Not only is video a fantastic tool to hook your audience, the ROI on video is hard to beat! Because video content on social media gets more exposure and engagement than other types of posts, it provides an impressive ROI. In fact, the latest HubSpot research revealed that 88% of video marketers reported a positive ROI from the video marketing campaigns.

Video is Versatile, Evergreen Content

Once your initial campaign is completed, you can build a media library of footage that can be re-edited to create new content. Why not re-use footage from a general company overview in a recruitment video with a new scripted voiceover? Or, consider using snippets that didn’t make the corporate video cut on social media, where shorter edits get more engagement. Repurposing video is an excellent way to get the most out of your content.

Let’s Get Started!

Social media video campaigns have the potential to transform a business, providing rapid results that can help your brand go viral with a message that you get to orchestrate. With effective video content on social media, brands can tap into new audiences and quickly build trust. 

Ready to see how we can help your brand with stellar video content? Give us a call today!

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