See The World From a Bird’s-Eye View

We would like to share with you a way to get a Bird’s Eye view of the world, without an expensive helicopter or Jib rental. The drone takes flight and is controlled by a pilot via controller on the ground. Drones can be used for many different applications including, event, marketing, surveying, and the list goes on and on. We see the drone being used in commercials to reach a certain wow factor, or to show a scene from a higher altitude. The drone can be used in some way in almost every application; bringing a new, creative and affordable edge to your latest project.

In real estate drones can be used to show a sky high view of the property. The drone would be great for structural safety inspections, allowing the inspector to get a clear view of the structure without the risk of entering the building. Search and rescue is another application the drone can be used for, allowing miles to be covered in a short amount of time, while providing a clear view of what is on the ground. The future of drone use is bright, companies have already started researching and testing many different applications. One example is package delivery, you would order something online and in as little as 30 minutes your package would be delivered via drone to your front door. Hurricane and severe storm tracking is also being tested, allowing for advanced notice of storms and the intenseness of the storm. Disaster management also is being tested, allowing drones to survey the extent of damage. In the farming industry drones can be used to monitor crops, without having to manually check individual areas. The possibilities for drone use are endless!

The future of drone use is bright. Drone use can make many jobs easier and also quicker. Please let us know if you would like to have additional information or if you have an application you would like our help with.

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