Seven ways to enhance your YouTube channel


YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform in the world, so naturally everyone has an account and generates content. Having your content standout is a combination of elements working together.
1. Customize your background image
YouTube is so much more than just video content. In order to stand out, your channel page to mimic your content.
2. Color scheme
Just as mentioned before, your image and your color scheme should reflect your content. Your page needs to be useable and colors need to be user friendly and inviting.
3. Featured Videos
Whatever video you have that is generating the most content should be featured on your page. Sometimes your most recent video isn’t the best example of your overall content, so make sure you have your featured video set to occupy that slot.
4. Thumbnails
Thumbnail images are important for video clicks. If the thumbnail appears blurry or pixelized, your less likely to get plays on your video. You can always go back and reset your thumbnail so try your best to get the clearest image.
5. Channel tags
Keywords are necessary for SEO optimization; therefore channel tags are necessary for maximizing video views.
Engaging with your audience attracts viewers to your page and your videos. If you page looks neglected not only will that hinder your SEO results, audiences are less like to view your content.
7. YouTube if the new Twitter
Keep your activity stream busy. Add the recent activity module to your page and keep your interactions continual.