Spring at StagePost

Mike Wolfe American Pickers Satellite Media Tour at StagePost Studios

Mike Wolfe form American Pickers in the Studio

JAMMBER-We created a video presentation for Jammber Studios to display at an awards banquet for musicians and artists in the Nashville area. The message was filmed in our large studio and added graphics to deliver a powerful message.

LUKEN INVESTMENT GROUP- We created a content marketing video for their website. The video contained helpful investment messages from the CEO and two staff members. It was filmed on a green screen and then combined with graphics to quickly and economically create new impactful videos.

WEBCASTS– We had the pleasure of live streaming a 3-day conference for the National Human Services Data Consortium. This allowed national viewers to watch and learn about issues pertaining to their field. We also held a webcast for a national company that sells supplies to Home Depot. The webcast focused a message from executives to all field employees.

SATELLITE PRESS CONFERENCE– We hosted Mike Wolfe from American Picker’s in the studio discussing their upcoming tenth season.


FROM NASHVILLE– We are now producing over 45 live television segments for national and international news networks per month. The kitchen conversations have been amazing with a variety of guests from politicians, musicians, celebrities, and professional athletes!

STUDIO SPACE- We are finalizing our renovations on our new studio. This studio will be used primarily for liveshots and YouTube/marketing videos.

REMOTE WEBCASTING UNIT– We have new cameras and a switcher package which allows us to produce a full three-camera live TV program from any location. This is excellent for townhalls, product demonstrations, onboarding, and executive briefings.