What’s New at StagePost

Tennessee Titans Studio Rental in Studio A White Cyclorama


LUKEN INVESTMENT GROUP- We created a content marketing video for their YouTube channel. The video contained helpful investment messages from the CEO and three staff members. It was filmed on a green screen and then combined with graphics to quickly and economically create new impactful messaging.

CXPA- The “Customer Experience Professional Association” is growing rapidly in the Nashville area and we were happy to host their February meeting in our facilities! Shar VanBoskirk from Forrester discussed changes in technology that is having a big impact on the customer. 

WEBCAST– We had a record setting week with three live webcasts; one for a major national tire brand and two for a national electrical company. All were focused on training with live audience interaction.

Webcasts are continually growing in popularity among corporate communicators. Clients are now engaging with field representatives using live telephone interaction and chat for Q&A. Surveys, analytics, and quizzes reflecting participation are available. Clients are using incentives to promote participation and engagement amongst viewers. We are currently working on a way to incorporate remote presenters.

SATELLITE PRESS CONFERENCE– We had former Governor Bill Haslam and Current Governor Bill Lee in studio for a live press conference that was streamed out to Television stations in Chattanooga. They were here to discuss Volkswagen’s expansion.


FROM NASHVILLE– We are now producing over 45 live television segments for national and international news networks per month. The kitchen conversations have been amazing with a variety of guest from politicians, musicians, celebrities, and professional athletes!

FRANKLIN STUDIO SPACE- We now have alliances with two studios in Franklin, Tennessee. This will provide additional resources for clients in that area. 

STUDIO EXPANSION- We are opening an additional studio at our Metro Center location that will allow us to broadcast two live satellite programs and two live streaming programs simultaneously. 

REMOTE WEBCASTING UNIT– We have new cameras and a switcher package which allows us to produce a full three camera live TV program from any location. This is excellent for townhalls, product demonstrations, onboarding, and executive briefings.


We are happy to have Alexandria Morris join our team serving as our Client Support Manager!

Thank you for allowing me to share this information with you! Please let me know if you’d like any additional information or be taken off the list.