2024 Video Trends to Watch

2024 video trends you need to watch
person with video camera

At StagePost, we’re riding the wave of 2024’s video production trends, and let me tell you, it’s a wild and thrilling ride! The video world is evolving faster than a cat video going viral, and we’re here to break down these changes.

Short-Form Video

Short-form videos are ruling the roost, and platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are the new royal courts. These pint-sized powerhouses of storytelling are showing us that you don’t need a feature-length film to pack a punch. Here’s why we’re all aboard the short-form express:

  • Mastering the Miniature: These videos challenge us to sharpen our storytelling swords, slicing our narratives into bite-sized yet bold pieces.
  • The Viral Vortex: Short videos are like digital confetti – they spread far and wide, fast, making sure your brand’s message gets seen by more eyes in record time.
  • A Buffet of Brilliance: From snappy how-tos to mini-dramas, short-form content is a playground of possibilities for every kind of storyteller.

Live Streaming 

Live streaming has gone from underground to ubiquitous. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live are now the digital equivalents of prime-time TV. And guess what? The corporate world is tuning in too, with live streams for everything from product launches to global gabfests.

  • Community and Connection: These platforms aren’t just about broadcasting; they’re about building a fan club, in real-time.
  • Business Without Borders: Live streaming is the digital passport for businesses, letting them hop across continents without leaving their office.
  • Tech’s Trendy Touches: With AR filters and AI moderation, live streaming is getting a high-tech makeover, making each stream smoother and more spectacular.

Social Media’s Subscription Shift

We’re eyeballing the move towards subscription models in social media, with Meta leading the pack in the UK. Controversial? Maybe. Game-changing? Absolutely.

  • Content with Class: Subscription models are putting the spotlight on high-caliber content. It’s less about the quantity, more about the quality.
  • Money Moves: These models are opening up new cash streams for creators and brands, turning content into currency.
  • Elite Entourages: Paid subs are creating more intimate, invested communities, turning followers into fans and fans into family.

The Unchanging Star – Video Itself 

Through all these trends, one hero remains constant – video. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of digital communication, adaptable and expressive.

As we step into 2024 at StagePost, we’re excited to embrace and navigate these emerging trends. From crafting snack-sized stories to live-streaming with gusto, we’re geared up to make waves. 

Cameras in hand, creativity caps on, we’re ready to reshape the video production scene. Here’s to making every second count, every story sing, and connecting the world, one frame at a time. 

Let’s roll!