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video production Internships

Dive into real world video production with an internship that delivers a lasting career experience.

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This program is designed to improve the Intern’s production skills, develop an understanding of professional and business procedures, and teach how to create videos from start to finish. Training assignments will include, but not be limited to, project and client research, script development, project management, animated graphics creation, video production, and editing.

our goal

To understand how the real world of commercial production works and what specialty you want to pursue.


Hands-on learning combined with tutoring from industry professionals.


StagePost Production Internship Brief

Join our team as a Video Production Intern and leverage your creative skills across various aspects of the video production process.

You’ll exercise your multitasking abilities by assisting in idea development, filming, and editing. Your tasks may include filming, editing, research, marketing, and production coordination.

This opportunity allows you to establish relationships in the video production industry, enhancing your employment prospects post-graduation.

Internships are available in two cycles, Summer and Winter, lasting 8-16 weeks. Internships may qualify for classroom or college credit, depending on your educational institution’s guidelines. Internships are geared to full-time participation, however part-time work is occasionally accepted for individual studies.

Potential Responsibilities for Video Production Intern:

  • Assist on shoots, set up lighting and audio equipment, and operate cameras
  • Contribute to developing projects for Marketing, Social Media, and Business Development
  • Conduct research using various sources
  • Run errands, such as purchasing supplies and equipment
  • Assist in set design and building
  • Support staff with administrative tasks
  • Assist editor with footage management
  • Contribute to budget creation and coordination of production shoots
  • Research video and marketing trends and provide content recommendations
  • Create video blog posts and news feed content for the company website
  • Manage media on third-party platforms
  • Edit digital video content for internal and external communication
  • Help maintain studio spaces and green room
  • Update Production Directory

 Qualifications For Video Production Intern: 

  • Degree in communications or related field (in progress or completed).
  • Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Working knowledge of video production
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Familiarity with Adobe Premiere Pro and Post Production processes
  • Knowledge of Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) processes is a plus
  • Working knowledge of digital file creation and encoding
  • Understanding of social media and digital marketing

 Please note that this job description may not cover all duties or responsibilities. Tasks may change with or without notice.