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Subtitles for International Videos

Subtitles Galore, Our team is working on open captions in French and Spanish for five videos distributed internationally. It’s great to see our videos travel far and wide.

Live at StagePost: Mike Caudill

Mike Caudill visited StagePost for his live shot with Fox Business on Friday. Mr. Caudill gave his thoughts on the new Tesla Cyber Truck and overall market for electric vehicles. You can watch the entire segment on our YouTube page.

Live at StagePost: Adam Boehler

Adam Boehler visited the StagePost studios for a live shot with Fox News. Watch the full segment on our YouTube channel.

Live at StagePost: Sean Davis

Sean Davis visited the StagePost studios for a live shot with Fox News on Thanksgiving. Mr. Davis is the cofounder and CEO of The Federalist. Watch the full segment on our YouTube channel.

Laura Ingraham, Fox Live at StagePost

Laura Ingraham hosted The Ingraham Angle from StagePost Productions twice this week. Clips of her show can be found at

MultiVu, Brookdale Living speak on Alzheimer’s Disease

Client MultiVu and Brookdale Living partnered with StagePost for their recent Alzheimer’s Awareness Satellite Media Tour (SMT). Kim Elliot, Senior VP and Chief Nursing Officer, spoke on a variety of different topics, including how to recognize early signs of Alzheimer’s and what to look for in a care facility. It is estimated that more than 6MM Americans are affected by the disease in 2023. StagePost is thankful for the opportunity to help bring light to such a personal topic.

Nashville International Airport Soars with Heartfelt Tribute to Veteran Employees

Nashville International Airport (BNA) enlisted the help of StagePost Productions to create a heartfelt tribute video to Veteran employees. Each Veteran was asked one simple question: What does being a Veteran mean to you? The video showcases heartfelt stories and contributions of the airport’s veteran employees, highlighting their invaluable service both in the military and in their current roles. This touching tribute not only celebrates the individual journeys of these veterans but also reinforces the airport’s commitment to honoring and supporting its veteran community.

Cumberland Region Tomorrow Holds Forum on I-24 Testbeds

Cumberland Region Tomorrow was at StagePost hosting a forum discussing the I-24 Testbeds, with guests from TDOT, Gresham Smith and Vanderbilt University there was a wealth of knowledge regarding the topic! StagePost Studios helps host these forums for CRT periodically, and enjoys the experience every time.

Senator Bill Hagerty At StagePost Discussing War in Israel

Senator Bill Hagerty has been in the studio throughout the last few days discussing the war in Israel. Senator Bill Hagerty has served as a United States senator since 2021. He has also served as the 30th United States ambassador to Japan from 2017 to 2019 under President Donald Trump.

BNA Has Unprecedented Year of Growth

StagePost was on location filming a new video promoting BNAs unprecedented year of growth. with 21.9 million total travelers at the end of the 2023 fiscal year, the sky really is the limit for BNA! We enjoyed working directly with BNA on this video project.

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