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New CSPAN Program From Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

StagePost just filmed a one-hour CSPAN program at the Hermitage. Vanderbilt University professor Joshua Clinton discussed the rise of public polling on political issues from the 19th century to today. As the discussion delved deeper into the evolution of public polling, Professor Clinton highlighted key milestones that have shaped the field over the decades. He emphasized the shift from traditional door-to-door surveys to modern online polling methods and how technology has revolutionized data collection and analysis in the political arena.

“How It’s Made Videos”

Check out our new Blog post on How It’s Made Videos. The fascinating world of how things are made builds understanding and affinity for a product and brand.

Kid Rock Live From StagePost Mobile Studio

In February Rock told Joe Rogan that he’d buried the hatchet with Budweiser. Of the feud, Rock said, “Man, I was just having fun, to be honest.

Internships Summer and Winter 2024 Open

StagePost is accepting applications for Summer and Winter internships. The program is designed to give participants a first hand experience in video production.

Polaris Showcase

StagePost was on site to showcase models from the Polaris lineup. The entire Polaris lineup is incredibly impressive and new vehicles are incredible.

A Satellite Media Tour Brings Santa to You

Jessica N. Turner and MultiVu’s producer Matt Piccolo utilized StagePost to promote a new augmented reality experience from Niantic, the makers of Pokemon GO. You can download the app, point your phone to the sky, ring Santa’s bell, and he will magically beam down to you. Santa can use AI to answer your most pressing questions. The tour lasted five hours, with approximately 20 stations participating in single interviews.

New Graphics for a Major Brand.

Working in collaboration with brand theme managers and designers, we created a dynamic opening for the client’s videos. Several style guidelines had to be followed precisely in the creation. The new animated open has been approved and is now in use.

Free Parking TV Commercial

More and more travelers are using our Nashville International Airport. Free parking is now available in the new Garages 1 and 2 for up to thirty minutes to make it easier to wait for arriving friends and family. Additional time of up to 2 hours is discounted as well. StagePost was honored to produce a thirty-second commercial promoting the new benefit.

Subtitles for International Videos

Subtitles Galore, Our team is working on open captions in French and Spanish for five videos distributed internationally. It’s great to see our videos travel far and wide.

Laura Ingraham, Fox Live at StagePost

Laura Ingraham hosted The Ingraham Angle from StagePost Productions twice this week. Clips of her show can be found at

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