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Rob Luna at StagePost

Rob Luna, Real Talk Capital CEO, was at StagePost Studios Friday afternoon for a live broadcast on Fox Business discussing stocks dropping in areas like technology!

Jaclyn Stapp In The Studio

Jaclyn Stapp was broadcasting live from StagePost Studios discussing back to school challenges for children. Jaclyn is the founder of “Children Are Magical” CHARM is a foundation dedicated to the belief that children are magical, innocent, pure beings who need to be protected and nurtured

Holly Gleason In The Studio To Discuss Jimmy Buffett

Holly Gleason was at StagePost Studios for live video production, discussing the death of Jimmy Buffett. Holly is a music journalist and has written for Rolling Stones, and recently wrote an essay on Jimmy Buffett entitled “Beyond The Coral Reefer: Jimmy Buffett Finds That One Particular Harbor”
screenshot of justin jones on msnbc

Justin Jones At StagePost

Justin Jones was on both MSNBC and CNN last night, live from our video production studios. Justin Jones is a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives and has been to StagePost Studios multiple times.

Live Video Production

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the “Democratic” presidential contender in our studio appeared live on Fox News to talk about his candidacy. He talked about his position and how they align with his famous family. His campaign focuses on the values Americans hold in common and how they lead the country toward an ethos of respectful dialog and reconciliation across races, parties, and divisions. Learn more about our plan to Heal the Divide.

In The Studio With StagePost

Retirement savings, investment, and earnings are topics on many people’s minds. Contributing money to tax-deferred IRA and 401K retirement accounts is easy. But things can get complicated when you want to withdraw this money in retirement. An endless list of government rules and regulations can easily trip you up. Two thirty-minute TV shows for different financial advisors focus on how to avoid critical financial mistakes.

Live Network Segment with Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid goes gospel! Dennis recently debut a new gospel album called “Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners.” In this album he touches on his faith and how it saved him from addiction. He will be performing at the Grand Ole Opry today August 3rd, 2023!

Healthcare Welcome Video

Companies are now focusing on culture and compatibility and the company values. StagePost shot a welcome video for a healthcare company. The company is in a major growth period, and they wanted a video that discuses the company, their values, and the different divisions within their company. Videos like these help recruiters and companies tell a story in hopes that it will resonate with the right candidate for the right company.

Craig Morgan on Fox & Friends

Country music singer Craig Smith re-enlists in the Army reserves live at his sold out concert at the Grand Ole Opry on July 29th. Craig spent 17 years in the army before becoming a country music artist. When asked why he made the decision to return back to the reserves he said he wanted to finish his 20 years.
Polaris seats

Polaris Capital Markets Day

StagePost shot b-roll footage as well as conducted a live network segment with the CEO of Polaris, Michael Speetzen, for CNBC at Polaris’s Capital markets Day. This event was held at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. At Capital Markets Day Polaris unveiled their new 2023 vechiles and discussed updated company and sales objectives with company investors. While at Opryland Hotel, Polaris was also able to hold their first summer dealer meeting since 2019, they spoke about maintaining the focus on power sport vehicles, noting that dealers were very receptive to that.

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