The StagePost video production team handles everything from scriptwriting, editing, and even animation to create a visual story that will drive results and compliment your brand.

Drawing on our decades of experience, we break each project down to the most basic components. Then, we consider your vision, mission, and message in order to build a video that brings your story to life. Plus, we offer a refreshing change from the ordinary, a different kind of video production service, and more often than not, we surprise our clients with our passion, our spirit and the amount of energy we put into a project. And, ultimately with an end result that is itself extraordinary.
It's not just about being reactive. But, proactive. Listening. Really listening. Hearing your concerns. Anticipating your needs. It's about going all out to find the right solution, stay on deadline, stay on budget, and address concerns whatever they may be.

Full-Service Video Production


We plan the scope of each video production project to fit within each client’s budget. We itemize our video production estimates, so you only pay for what is needed to achieve the result you want for your video or webcast. Due to our in-house videography facilities, complete with video crew and equipment, our creative team can add extra refinements at no additional cost to our clients.


Creating a visual story with a persuasive message is an art. Our Video Production and Scriptwriters understand the language of motivational storytelling and can craft an inspiring and influential script to achieve your objective. Our years of experience in making videos, training videos, and brand videos, ensure that we appeal to your target audiences’ interests and desires. 


Our full-service video production team will amaze you with their ability to coordinate your project, ensuring every detail falls perfectly into place. From writing the script to editing the final cut, each phase of your video project is meticulously planned so you can sit back, relax, and watch it all come together-on-time and on budget- as proven by our list of prestigious clients.


To create a captivating visual story, our videography artists look at each project from every possible angle to find the most compelling and provocative view. The use of lighting, imagery, and film directing to augment your message is the lifeblood of our visual storytelling, and we’ll bring this strategy to your next project, in order to bring your story to life.


Our work doesn’t end once the camera stops rolling. Our Video Editors will weave together a visual story, incorporating style and rhythm that will capture—and keep—your target audiences’ attention. We take pride in the editorial orchestration we put into our clients’ video productions, and we’ll extend that same quality to your next project.


In the end, it’s all about results—what impact did this video have? We ensure that our videos help our clients achieve their desired results through high-quality video production that highlights their brand and delivers their message. From concept to final production, StagePost will go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients.



When a nationwide senior living facility wanted to highlight the incredible amenities not usually seen in a senior living facility, targeting a younger senior audience, they came to us. We handled everything from the script and casting, to directing and videography in a series of marketing videos. This video is a prime example of the kind of marketing videos StagePost can create to help you tell your story.

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For our team, it's more than just standing behind the camera. We go above and beyond to anticipate your needs and provide cutting-edge solutions. When you choose to utilize our team and facilities, you’re choosing to meet your deadline, stay within budget, and receive the high-quality video production only we're known for.

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Our clients were aware that math equations don’t often equate to “fun.” That’s why they called us. We were able to help our client create an entertaining animated video that simplified the concept of the ton-mile-per-hour rating to create more engaging training materials. Animated or live action, StagePost can help you bring your training materials to life—it could even save a life in the long run.

Our years of expertise in marketing, advertising, corporate video production and communications help us deliver videos that exceed expectations— we guarantee it.


Serving as a testament to our ability to develop an entire video marketing strategy from scratch, this product launch video was created from an unfinished brochure of an app that was still in development. We were given the end goal, the desired audience, and complete creative license. From there, our video producers created a product launch video targeting maintenance teams, putting an additional emphasis on efficiency. What can StagePost bring to your next product launch?

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StagePost can provide full-service video production by pooling together our complementary skills in order to generate winning ideas and solutions. From the scriptwriters to the video editors, we are all one creative mind for our client, and we’re ready to put our minds to work for you.

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You’ll get so much more than you expected—that’s our guarantee.