Amplify Your Brand With Video

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So, How Do Brand Videos Really Help?

Having a goal beyond a good return on investment is critical to a company’s success, which is why brand videos are so important. A brand video is a style of video content that promotes a company’s character, personality, and values. These videos aim to capture the target audience’s attention and create a positive impression of the brand. 72% of consumers prefer to watch a video than read text when learning about a company, making this video style significant to investors and customers.

The Real Purpose of a Brand Video

Video is a compelling way to look into a company’s culture. This video style does more than boost recruitment, or provide insights into a product or service; it allows the viewer to get an inside look into WHO the company is. It depicts the company’s culture, work environment, and how they treat their customers and workers. These style of videos humanize your brand and illustrates what your company stands for. And according to the statistics, most consumers want to see this side of a brand. 88% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. 

Personality and Values

Brand videos help express a company’s personality and core values. Personality and core values draw most people to a company, encourage them to stay at it and create brand-loyal customers. Personality and values are the two things that make brands unique. Apple is an example of a company that does “brand videos” well. When you think of Apple products- their entire brand pops into your head. Things like excellent and innovative come to mind. When brands have humanistic personality types, they are received better overall, as it was mentioned in the section above. Below is an ad done by Apple that looks at their brand by looking at some employees at the giant tech company.

Engaging and Retaining Audiences

A vital part of creating a brand video is to engage and retain your audience. The average attention span is 8 seconds, meaning you have just about that amount of time to capture your audience with your brand video. Below are just a few techniques to help with this:

  1. Create an Interactive Brand Video. This video style is expected to become more popular. Companies can post these videos in various places, such as a social media platform, landing page, or website. They differ from “linear” videos (which is a video you press play, can rewind or pause, but have no interaction with) by allowing the viewer to interact with the video content through different tools. Users can click, drag, scroll, hover, or complete other digital actions that assist in interacting with the content. These types of videos allow your audience to stay engaged and are more likely to watch the entire video. Some examples of this include
    • Hotspots on pages 
    • Quizzes
  1. Avoid Sounding Like a Salesperson. Videos that sound like a sales pitch will turn potential customers away quickly. The best way to avoid this tactic is to highlight how your product or service can help solve a problem and solve your client’s pain points. Sharing stories from past clients is a popular tactic. This tactic allows for a more personal feel, and potential customers and clients enjoy hearing how their problems can be solved without a hard sell. 
  2. Use Empathetic Words. The last thing customers want to do is watch a video that looks, or sounds, robotic. Adding a touch of empathy in your messaging goes a long way! It lets your customers see your brand knows how to process human emotions. Also, it can create a meaningful bond between you and your customers, and these bonds are not as easily broken.

Promoting Brand Videos

Creating strategies that effectively promote your brand videos across various platforms and channels is essential. You want as many people to see your brand as possible. Social media, email marketing, and paid advertising (like Google Ads or Facebook Ads) are available and maximize the engagement of your content. It is crucial to optimize your video for your website and SEO purposes because video gives you a boost in rankings. This allows more people to visit your site, which means more people will click on your link. 

A Brand Video For StagePost

We can’t talk about brand videos & not have our own! So just for fun we used an AI presenter & put this together in just one day. Naturally we think it will be better with a real person, which will come next! If you have any questions about producing one on your own – or having us help shoot us an email at: [email protected]

We hope you like it!

More Information

Brand videos are an essential marketing tool for your company; they can help promote products and services but also have the opportunity to create affinity and trust in customers, clients, or consumers. Brand videos can be hosted directly on multiple platforms, like social media or your website. At StagePost Studios, we pride ourselves on our company brand and work hard to create genuine connections with our clients and go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied. We would love to assist you and your company with your next brand video. Contact us here to find out additional information!