Corporate Communications Advances Socially

Social Video Communications
One key strength of social videos is their ability to tell compelling stories. Through narratives, businesses can humanize their brand, establishing an emotional connection with their audience. Whether it’s showcasing the company culture, highlighting success stories, or presenting a behind-the-scenes look, social videos enable corporations to shape a cohesive brand narrative that resonates with stakeholders—more on our blog post.

BNA Social Video

Corporate TikToks
We are producing our first Corporate TikTok videos in the face of proposed legislation to break China’s platform control. China says they have no intention of selling. Corporations are now embracing the many social channels for corporate communications and marketing.
On Demand Video Studios
Short, quick, easy to produce videos are in demand by corporate clients. Our live broadcast studios are now available with everything you need to produce presentations, podcasts, social media, VNRs, and testimonials at a low cost hourly rate. They come with a 4K camera, operator, lighting, sound, and digital rear screen or backdrop. Call for more details.
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Mobile Studio
To accommodate busy schedules, StagePost now offers a live mobile van with a self contained studio. The van is used for live interviews, podcasts, and presentations at guest homes, offices, and entertainment venues.
120 Acre Video
Today the Des Moines Ag Tire Plant is the No. 1 agricultural tire facility in the country and produces agricultural, construction, forestry and off-the-road tires. The plant manufactures approximately 90% of all agricultural products that Firestone sells in the United States and Canada. We produced a plant tour video to showcase how the tires are made in the 120 acre plant.
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Studio Video
2024 StagePost Nashville Review
Studios Open
All of our studios are open after the a year long engagement by a television series. During the period we were able to rent other studios for our work. Great choices were, Studio 615, backlot, and our local public TV station WDCN.

Financial Marketing
We just finished filming another financial advisory show for Financial Marketing Pros. This show provides tips and suggestions around using a financial advisor. The show will air in Ohio and Illinois.

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Kia Webcast Sizzle

Live Corporate Broadcasts
We continue to book live corporate broadcasts. They are generally produced like full television program. There are many platforms in use now that offer lots of interactive features. Take a look at the Kia sizzle reel.

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