What is a corporate origin story (and how to tell one that is worth sharing)

woman presenting her brand story

A corporate origin story weaves a narrative that builds an everlasting emotional connection with customers, employees and stakeholders. The most compelling stories prioritize the ‘why’ over the ‘what.’

It is a story of struggle before success and quirky beginnings before massive growth, adding a human element to an otherwise impersonal space.

But how do you tell an origin story that is truly worth sharing?

A great corporate origin story is rooted in tackling a problem that deeply resonates with the customer. Your story should frame the ‘ah-ha’ moment through the eyes of your customer, celebrating the breakthrough from their perspective.

While facts and figures are helpful, a great story creates a strong emotional connection over a purely logical one.

A great corporate origin story is:

  1. Authentic
  2. Short = Shareable
  3. Centered around the customer and their journey
  4. Inspirational
  5. Consistent with other messaging

Are you presenting the most compelling version of your story?